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Calcutta International Cult Film Festival CICFF 2017 Announcement

The first Calcutta International Cult Film Festival  CICFF 2017, was took place at Calcutta Press club with a vision of to develop a film culture that inspires and brings together cross-cultural innovations that enrich people’s lives with entertainment and services that inform educate and entertain. Director Raja Mukherjee and few dignitaries was present for the screening few films.

The event’s goals are to introduce more people to art-house cinema. We would like to see films made primarily for aesthetic and philosophical reasons. We believe that a story driven by a genuine expression can stimulate new thoughts that have the power to promote the fundamental principles of humanism; expand creative frontiers; stimulate new levels of compassion, and even lead to social change. The Festival is an organization dedicated to the discovery and development of new Artists and Audiences. The Festival seeks to support and inspire independent film and theatre artists from all over the world, and to introduce audience to their new work. We also welcome established Art-house filmmakers, who have already produced a major contribution to the art of filmmaking.


CICFF is a festival celebrating the arts, liberation and independence. We promote liberated platforms for all independent filmmakers throughout the World. And, irrespective of their subject matter, we will assure an international platform for them all.


CICFF is a monthly live film festival with an annual LIVE screening of the selected films.

Each month 20 films from each category will be Officially Selected and out of them one film will receive the Best of Category award. In each month we’ll publish an academic and detailed review of the award winning films in our International film magazine CULT CRITIC. In addition, the best of each month’s category will compete with all the others at the end of the year and the best of the best in each category will receive the prestigious GOLDEN FOX AWARD and they will be screened in the presence of a live audience.


The annual event will be a glamorous red carpet premiere with international press conferences and gala parties at Kolkata in the presence of international movie celebrities. The participants will have excellent opportunities to exchange their ideas, ideologies and cultural innuendoes. The winners will have a chance to meet with the audience and participate in a Q and A after the screening.


CICFF is a division of Human Lab Corporation™, a leading multinational film production and distribution company. At CICFF, we will be providing incentives for winning films, and present promotional strategies for the winning films and their directors.


First we will conduct an Interview with the director which will be posted in our HLC portal, plus a published review by one of our esteemed writers from CULT CRITIC magazine. But that’s not all: CICFF will take you global with international distribution opportunities for your films.


In closing, CICFF guarantees outstanding selections each month, as the festival will be held on a monthly-basis. Hence we are going to create a culture that leads to “directors in the making” every month. Yes! That’s the perfect idiom for the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival™.




We create entertainment that inspires, stimulate the senses and refresh the spirit.

We embrace innovation and diversity to inspire excellence.

We build a trusted community of filmmakers interested in making a difference.

We know how painstakingly difficult it is to make a movie.

We want to help indie filmmakers find success by celebrating their achievements with a plethora of different awards.

We support and nurture emerging independent filmmakers and their stories from around the world.

We honour filmmakers who put their heart and soul into the creation of art, regardless of sexuality, ethnicity, religion or political views.

We help dreamers dream.

We introduce the work of risk-taking storytellers and filmmakers.

We encourage all to explore their minds free from commercial and political pressures.

We challenge ourselves to discover and develop independent artists and audiences.

We are a platform for artists to present their works to the global audiences.

Shailik Bhaumik






FESTIVAL DIRECTOR – Victor Eustáquio


CONTROLLER – Sandip Pratihar


LINE EXECUTIVE – Shevaun C. Kastl

LINE EXECUTIVEYubogil Fernandez

LINE EXECUTIVE –  Daniela Lucato

LINE EXECUTIVE –  Panchali Kar

LINE EXECUTIVE –  Sara Eustáquio

CREATIVE CONSULTANT – Miguel Angel Barroso Garcia


CREATIVE CONSULTANT – Anastasiya Kharchenko

CHAIRMAN – Shailik Bhaumik


All Winners receive CICFF Certificate.

Each year we select ONE Best of the Best (from all categories) and the prize is the HLC’s prestigious GOLDEN FOX award+ plus Live Screening in the theatre at Kolkata.

2017 Winner will have a chance to meet with audience and participate at Q and A after screening.



1) Narrative Features (Above 60 minutes):

2) Documentary (Any length):

3) Short Films (Less than 30 Minutes):

4) Experimental Films (Any length):

5) Women’s Films (Any length):

6) Animation (Any length):

7) Student Films (Any length):

8) Web and New Media (Any length):

9) Postmodern Films (Any length):

10) Family/Children’s Films(Any length):

11) Young Filmmaker (Under 18) (Any length):

12) Debut Filmmaker (1st or 2nd Film; Any length):

13) Mobile Phone film:

14) Trailer / Teaser (5 min or less):

15) Music Video (Any length):


16) Photography (Photos from film set included, Photo from Film, Video, TV Set included. ONE IMAGE per submission)

17) Film/Video Poster

18) Drone Films (Any length)

19) Films on Disability Issue (Any length)

20) Film on Religion (Any length)

21) Commercial / Advertisement (Any length)

22) Film on Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Any length)

23) Educational Film (Any length)

24) Television / Pilot Program or Series (Any length)

25) Treatment / Synopsis

26) Feature Film – Work in Progress (Above 60 minutes)

27) Film on Women (Any Length)

28) Short Film – Work in Progress (Less than 30 Minutes)

29) Documentary – Work in Progress (Any length)

30) Wedding / Pre wedding Video (Any length)

31) Travel Film (Any length)

32) Horror / Science Fiction / Genre Feature Film (Above 60 minutes)

33) LGBT Film (Any length)

34) Silent Film (Any length)

35) Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) and 360° Video (Any length)

36) One Minute Film

37) Short Script

38) Feature Script

39) Film Score – Sound Trac

40) Free Speech



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