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 Few days ago we had an experience how interesting was 23rd  Kolkata International Film Festival. Again we are fortunate enough to get another opportunity to witness this new platform of Calcutta International Cult film festival .  Kolkata is rich for her cultural heritage, henceforth she is warmly welcoming this new concept of Cult Film Festival. Culture enhances our internal insight up surging a better us. Every field of culture are thus a positive foot that would leave footprints for more successive works.

Here in the city we once again had star studded event “Calcutta International Cult Film Festival “ on Tuesday . Rotary Sadan witnessed glances of such newly designed concept of welcoming this stage promoting cult films. Brand Ambassador none other than the legendary actor Mr.Soumitra Chattopadhyay ‘s presence vividly increased the essence of such cultural platform designed by CICFF  .

The very concept of cult film festival roots back since centuries. Cult classic are eventually interesting movies known for its passionate fan base. More vividly elaborate subculture adds more color to its features. Alfred Hitchcok   has given a masterpiece of cult movie.

Blissful appearances of other personalities such as Debojyoti  Mishra , Joy Goswami ,Kalyan Sen Bharat ,Krishna kishor Mukhopadhyay , kaushik Sen , Mumtaz Sarkar , Rahul. Even Asad Chowdhury , renowned poet of Bangladesh added value with essence to this inauguration day of this program  .

 This great global cultural program will be concluded today 6th December with the best films being received the most renowned Golden Fox Award from the live screening of  wide range of such  films from the different countries across the Globe with a commitment from the HLC Studio Chairman Mr Shailik Bhowmik and Mr Victor Eustaquio , the Festival Director , next year to come up with more such creative and innovative films across the Globe to ensure Cinema to be a true and honest platform and single roof  of the Cultural unity and togetherness of heritage of the Cult films ,  from the people & community across the Globe  .

Both of them also conveyed their sincere thanks to all the participating film directors , producers , eminent & distinguished guests , the support team , the press and media people and over all & above the people of Calcutta to host this international event with a warm love



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