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Cardiovascular disease is responsible for causing the maximum mortality globally as well as in india

Cardiovascular disease (like heart attacks and stroke) is responsible for causing the maximum mortality globally as well as in indie. Over six million people died of NCDs in lndia in 2016 study that has recently been published in the medical journal, The Lancet. Genetically, Indians are susceptible to cardiovascular disease (CVD) and this has assumed an epidemic proportion in lndia. High blood pressure. high blood sugar, smoking, obesity, high cholesterol and stress are the usual risk factors responsible for (CVD). So far the hypertension is concerned, most of the lndians are unaware of existence of hypertension and many of them are either non-compliant or are still left with uncontrolled hypertension after diagnosis. Here is the role of the Doctors, media, Government and all medical service providers fighting unitedly to overcome the menace.

Since its inception, Cardiological Society of India has endeavored its undaunted crusade against CVD epidemic. To further this cause as well as for advancement of knowledge, the organization has been holding Annual Conferences every year in December since last 68 years. The Society was
born way back on the 4th April, 1948 at Calcutta with its founder President the legendary Dr. B.C. Roy.

The 69th All India conference of CSI is being held after seven years at Kolkata from 30th November
to 3rd December 2017 at Science City. This is being organized under the auspices of West Bengal Branch of CSI. Dr. P.K. Deb is the Chairman Organizing Committee and Dr. Mrinal Kanti Das is the Organizing Secretary. The conference will be attended by eminent Cardiologists from across the globe including USA, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. There will be around 5000 delegates attending the conference to share the latest happenings in the field of cardiology. For the first time, CSI has taken initiative to air common questionnaires of public interest to be answered by the experts in this field across the country through the CSl-RADIO during the conference. Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray, Padmasree, an eminent academician and Director, lndian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur will inaugurate the function as Chief Guest.



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