Casa Fortuna welcomes you to a Escapade to Sizzler

With the spirit of Christmas in the air, the season of feasting and celebrations is upon us and at Casa Fortuna we are here to make your December a sizzling one! With Escapade to Sizzler at Casa Kitchen, experience a tango on your taste buds like never before. The Sizzler festival is also an attempt to deliver to our promise of new festivals every time to our patrons.


Beginning from 22nd December 2017 to New Years’ Day 2018, this special offering will be available all day for diners 12.30 PM onwards.  Merging Indian and exotic international ingredients with the buzz of a ‘Sizzle’, the food festival is a delight for the ears, a sparkle for the eyes and a relishing moment for the mouth! Every item on the specially curated menu-the appetizers, the main course and the dessert-all Sizzle!!

The origin of the sizzler probably goes back the teppanyaki-sizzled dishes of Japan. From there it moved to the US after World War II, and became popular in the 1950s. Sizzler steaks are generally prepared using high-heat to sear the outside and leaving the inside moist. Once plated, the steak lets off a dramatic hiss of steam, which is its great appeal.  Making a sizzler involves great precision in terms of cooking and steaming techniques and the chefs at Casa Kitchen have worked very hard to reach this perfection!


The menu displays culinary artistry in each of the dishes. Crispy Chilly Broccoli ( fried broccoli tossed with conjinaro sauce), Bar-be-cue Soya Steak(Minced Soya pattie, served with barbecue sauce and parsley potato) and Pommes Kroketten(Potato Patties topped with neapolitan sauce served with sautéed veg and cheese balls) are few picks of the exemplary starters.

The main course menu is equally inviting. Guests can sample Italiansizzlers like a juicy Cottage Cheese Steak draped with fiery Arrabbiataand a delicious Cottage Cheese Lasagne, or Oriental sizzlers such as a   complete platter of Exotic Schezwan Vegetables or Soya Manchurian with exotic Chilli Garlic Noodles from the specially made in-house oriental sauces as well as theIndian sizzlers like the Paneer Mumtaz  – which is a great combo of Char-grilled Paneer, Exotic Vegetables cooked in Casa Kitchen’s Special rich silky Makhani Gravy or the  Sarsonwali Phool where the humble cauliflower is made tasty with a mustard punch.

However, sizzling desserts are great for the heart too. The  Sizzling Mountain Lava or the mouth-watering Custard Pie on hot plates will leave warm feeling of contentment for all that we had this year and an endeavour to promise our best in 2018.. Congratulating the team, Mr Swarup Ghosh, General Manager, Casa Fortuna, said ,  “ At Casa Kitchen, we are constantly trying to revolutionise the dining experience for our guests. The sizzler festival took months of preparation and research to develop new Vegetarian recipes. I hope we can continue bringing new ideas always as a team. I would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2018 full of great health, happiness and plenty of mouth-watering occasions.”

The festival will also be attended by top chefs, food bloggers and celebrities across different segments. A meal for two will be Rs 1200 plus taxes.


For reservations, please call on Tel: +91 33 40218050 or Mobile: +91 8017088003 or



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