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Grub the opportunity before it goes high Isuzu Motors India announced the price hike upto Rs 1 lakh

  • Isuzu  Motors India to increase prices of Pick-ups and SUV from 1st January, 2018. From the beginning of 2018, Isuzu Motors has announced the raise in the prices of its SUV’s and pick-ups by up to Rs 1 lakh. The increase is expected to be between 3 and 4 percent across the model range. This means that the prices will go up by approximately Rs 15000 on the D-Max (commercial offering) to Rs 1 lakh on the premium SUV mu-X. The brand sells models ranging from adventure UV V- Cross with price starting at Rs 13.31 lakh to premium SUV mu-X priced up to Rs 25.8 lakh- (ex- showroom). One can buy the SUV’s and pick ups from the Japanese automobile manufacturers Isuzu Motors India in Kolkata, via their dealers Mohan Motors.

Mr. Sandip Kr. Bajaj, the Chairman of Mohan Motor Group.said “The hike has been capped at maximum of 4%, as a result D-Max’s price will go up around 15000 and premium SUV’s will see a raise of up to 1 lakh”.

Mohan Motors was Established in 1986, Mohan Motors has experienced rapid growth and innovative excellence under the leadership of Mr. Sandip Bajaj, Chairman of the Mohan Motor Group. One of the most reputed and established automobile dealers in Kolkata, Mohan Motors’ presence in the commercial, premium and luxury automobile market include Audi and Porsche dealerships in Kolkata and facilities in East India as well. Trust and commitment and an eye for excellence has enabled the company to emerge as a prestigious name amongst its peers, with six coveted automobile brands under its portfolio.



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