Madly Nomadics kick starts innovative travel and a travel channel

It is no news that at the dawn of creation ,our ancestors were nomads who later settled down in the course of civilisation. But we carry in our genes the nomadic behavior and thus our lust for travel often leads us to slip in the tourists shoes. A crazy group of such travel lovers is going to come up with a unique community which is launching a whole lot of innovations in travelling. Aptly named as Madly Nomads,  the community is launching its own travel channel on You tube and later they plan to move on to a Television Channel.

As the proud online media parter of the Project Engmatix Media has the priviledge of a sneakpeak into their upcoming activites and thus we can safely report that the community is roping is celebs from different fields who will host the shows.

Madly Nomadic’s  journey  commences with a two days- one night trip to Tajpur which will take place on 21st -22nd April 2018. Apart from a travel movie in their new launched You tube channel,  Madly Nomadics team are arranging a lot of games and activities including cocktail making competition, dumswaraj,  funky quiz and lots more. There is also a photography competition and the winning photographs will feature in the annual calendar of Madly Nomadics which they plan to launch with a fashion show and a star studded party. Madly Nomadics teams are packing more surprises for the participants of the tour which they will unreveal only during the tour.



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