Parobash Music Launch
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PAROBASH Music Lauch

Shree Guru Productions launched the music album of their first project ‘Parobash’ defining the various facets of human life and relationship at Outram Club on 2nd June, 2016 with the debutant director Niladri Lahiri, actors Sampurna Lahiri, Samadarshi Dutta, Smita Chatterjee, folk artist Sahaj Ma, singer Priyanka Mitra, music director Gourab Ganguly and writer & […]


Jenana Press Meet

Transgenders better known as “Hijras” are not the same in India as their other counterparts in the world. We consider them sacred, touched by god. Their blessings are auspicious generally accompanied by their signature clapping. They are often invited to bless the new borns and newly weds. Infact most of them makes a living by […]

First Looks

Sangabora announcement and logo launch

Shiv Shakti Creations launched their upcoming maiden movie Sangabora‘s logo at Kolkata press club along with the cast n crew of the movie on 18th February 2016. The story of Sangabora  starts  long back when few refugees come from east Africa and stays here.  Their language, habits and culture is different and lastly they mix around […]